Reshanna bosweLL


Education & CERTIFICATIONS: NASM certified personal trainer, NASM fitness nutrition specialist, ASSOCiates DEGREE in EXercise SCIENCE

SPECIALTIES: Weight loss & maintenance, body fat reduction, increased lean muscle mass, resistance training, circuit style training, strength and conditioning, nutrition consultant, contest prep (competitive bodybuilding)


I am more than passionate about what I do. I am here to teach a lifestyle that is sustainable long after you have reached your goals. My goal with each and every client is to push you past what you thought you were capable of. I will achieve this in the safest way possible to avoid injury, but will push you outside your comfort zone. I also create each and every meal plan because, like they say, you can not out-train a bad diet. Each workout will be unique and customized. I can work a muscle group a hundred different ways, and that's what we will do if that's what it takes.

I don't believe in ‘get ripped quick schemes’. Instead, I couple traditional weight lifting techniques with a twist that produces big results over time; consistency is key.

Health and fitness is a way of life. I want you to reach your goals, have a healthy outlook on the future and have fun doing it. I'm kind of a new age bodybuilder. Get on board!