Evolve Fitness Chicago

about us

Evolve Fitness Chicago was founded in 2012 with the intention to help people that desperately want to improve their health and fitness, but can't or won't go to a gym for various reasons. 

Our belief is that there are no magic pills and no shortcuts.  It does take work and it does take focus, but Evolve Fitness Chicago will help you do just that. Our trainers will help you see results faster, take out the guess work, and motivate and inspire you to lead a healthy life.  We strongly believe that this is the best possible investment that you can make. 


Evolve Fitness Chicago offers One-on-One Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, Bootcamp and Specialized Group Classes, Marathon Training, Corrective Exercise, MAT, Post Rehab, Pre/Postnatal, Boxing Instruction, and Youth Fitness Programs. 
Training is available from 5am-10pm every day, and we offer up to four complimentary bootcamp classes each week to our personal training clients.




Contact us today to schedule a complimentary fitness consultation. Whether you want to get healthy, lose weight, find a workout group, improve your personal fitness or just feel better, we have a program for you.