Education & CERTIFICATIONS: Purdue University-Calumet, National Association of Sports Medicine optimum performance training (NASM-OPT), Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), Resistance Training Specialist (RTS, Workshop 1,2,3)

SPECIALTIES: Strength & conditioning, resistance training, Muscle Activation Techniques, weight loss, pre- and post-natal care, pre- and post-rehab, stability and flexibility training, corrective exercise


I have been helping Chicagoans reach their individual fitness goals since 2004.  I enjoy the fact that everybody has unique needs.  One session I might be using plyometrics and jumping around with lots of movements,  and the next hour I might be using isometrics( little to no movement), and the next person I train might need both!  This variety is what keeps me in the classroom to continue my education in the field and what gets me up in the morning.  I owe it to my clients to stay on the cutting edge of the fitness industry and to create a clear path to what will benefit you the most.  The end result is a well rounded, safe, solid, and effective path to help you reach your personal goals. 
My passion began when I was about 6.  I can remember my doctor's advice, that I shouldn't start using weights until I turned 8 years old.  Now don't laugh, but I can remember a Hulk Hogan workout set I got for Christmas when I turned 8.  It came with a hand gripper, jump rope, 2 dumbbells, and a tape to take me through a 30 min workout.  I loved it!.  A few years later other parents took notice that I could run circles around their own kids that where my age.  A parent asked me to help his son exercise.  I understood then, at 12 years old,  that getting another person to be able to do what I could do was a challenge.  I could do 40 or more military presses standing on my head, so is that what he wants?  How do I help him?  Is that his goal? Is it safe for him to try?  By the time high school came I had standing clients in the weight room of our school, and even had an abs class in my parents basement!  I studied A.C.E  and A.F.A.A. in high school and started taking workshops as soon as I was 18.  The questions started young and I have come a long way since then.  I have not lost that very same interest with every client I have the privilege to work with.  Whether you are a professional athlete, have never worked out a day in your life, or are somewhere in-between, I will focus on your exact needs. Now let's get started!